Sony Alpha A77 Review

Sony Alpha A77 Review. I’m not going to add any specifications to this review as this has been done many times over but quite simply my own informal user’s review. Why would I want to review the Sony Alpha SLT A77! Quite simply I owned one and loved using it. I started off in photography with an entry-level DSLR Canon EOS 450D. After a few months I was given a Sony DSLR A300 and preferred this over the Canon 450D.

A year later I had decided it was time for an upgrade and as I only had a 50mm prime lens for each of these cameras including the kit lens it was difficult to decide whether to go for Sony or Canon. Unlike entry-level DSLR’s there was a big price difference so I had to choose wisely especially as it was time to start building my collection of optical lenses!

I read numerous Sony Alpha A77 Reviews and making this decision was very difficult. It took me almost 3 months before my purchase. I visited numerous websites for reviews and found the fan-boys slugging it out in defence off their favourite DSLR brand. I had already preferred the Sony A33 and Sony A58 I visited the local stores for a more hands on approach. Once again I preferred the Sony; but why!

Sony Alpha A77 DSLR Camera Features

I was looking at DSLR’s based on price and specifications which was now between the Sony A77 and the Canon 7D. Looking at specification comparisons on-line the Sony A77 seemed to provide a lot more for your buck. The Sony A77 has a three-way tilt/swivel LCD combined with a stunning OLED viewfinder. Another feature which I use lot especially with macro photography is the “focus peaking” display which makes it easier to identify the points in focus by highlighting the areas of strongest image contrast. When enabled there are three highlight colours available; white, red, or yellow.

I frequently use this function including, drive mode, AF area selection, ISO sensitivity, metering mode, white balance, DRO, and creative Styles which can all be easily and quickly accessed via short-cuts on the camera.

It also has built in HDR combining multiple exposures to capture high dynamic range and the results are really good, creating more natural HDR shots!

Sony Alpha A77 Review Viewfinder!

Sony’s SLT models have a fixed semi-reflective mirror unlike the traditional optical viewfinders using the main sensor to deliver a live image to the electronic viewfinder in addition to the main rear screen for composition. This also allows for 12fps (frames per second) at full 24.3-mega pixel resolution. This actually has an advantage over optical viewfinders as whenever you make an adjustment on your camera e.g. AF, white balance you can see the change before taking the shot not forgetting the incredibly rich display of information.

Sony Alpha A77 Review Lenses

The SLT-A77’s has Steady-shot built into the body which provides stabilisation for any lens you attach; Sony A mount obviously! Did I forget to mention that Minolta lenses are compatible with the Sony mount enabling you to use Minolta’s amazing collection (especially the Minolta 50mm 1.4) of optics! Sony now have more than 40 lenses to choose from including Carl Zeiss and the prices are now comparable with other manufacturer’s brands. Tamron and Sigma also make lenses for this camera and I own the Tamron 90mm Macro which gives amazing sharp photos at a fraction of the price!

If you’re having trouble making up your mind Canon, Nikon and Sony make great cameras, but it seems like it’s time to take Sony more seriously! After one year did I make the right decisions; who knows but i do love this camera. So much I even bought one for my wife! Happy shooting!

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