SmugMug Review

SmugMug review and why you even need an online portfolio for your photography! Having an online portfolio defines you as a photographer and helps you by branding yourself and your creative works. Compared to FaceBook, Flickr and other social platforms your personal portfolio enables you to select your best images for a presentation that will not get lost or buried!

SmugMug Review – What do they do Better!

Whether you’re a landscape, portrait or wedding photographer SmugMug does one thing most other social and media platforms cannot do; showcase your photography and make your work look really impressive.

I have tried other online photography sites and without turning this into a ‘versus review’ found SmugMug display your images the sharpest, without any loss of colors or detail. I didn’t realize this until I got my first iMac with 5k Retina, screen! You will notice a difference!

SmugMug Review – Creating a Beautiful Website

The interface of SmugMug is very easy to use, enabling you to create a brand design without any knowledge of HTML and CSS. Personally I only made a few minor tweaks as I like the default dark, layout. Your portfolio is responsive to any screen/monitor size and looks just as impressive on a mobile. You can add your own logo, additional pages, galleries, change fonts, colors and even add a simple contact form! Coming from a background of website development I have never found anything as simple as SmugMug to set up!

SmugMug Review – Organizing your Photos

All your photos can be uploaded in full resolution and organized into galleries of your own choice. As your site grows you can simply drag and drop images into a new gallery or perhaps add the same image to both. It’s that easy.

If you’re a LightRoom user, there is a free plugin, enabling you to upload your images directly from LightRoom and sync. galleries.

SmugMug – Selling and Making Money

Can I make money on Smugmug. Of course you can and unlike many stock photography sites, you get to decide your own markup. It’s your photography, your brand, and your portfolio so why sell yourself short!

You can charge for digital downloads, and set pricing for prints (from post card to large sizes) which include printing on key rings and cups, if that’s your cup of tea. (pun intended)

SmugMug Review  – Safety and Security

SmugMug provide excellent tools to secure your images which include: watermarking (text or images), right click protection and reducing display quality for those who try to screen capture your large images. However, it is for the slightly higher paid plans.

Your images also have a cloud backup keeping them safe and secure no matter what is going on around you. Another perfect solution to back up your images as well as a local hard drive.

SmugMug Review Support

When it comes to support SmugMug is at the top of it’s class. View their FAQ’s page, support forum or simply email them and you’ll not have to wait long for one of their Super Heroes to reply. I like that little personal touch when their emails show each support team member dressed in super hero costumes.

When I needed support I even had one of there team call me from overseas! Now that was impressive!

SmugMug Review – Still not sure!

The cost for your own, SmugMug portfolio website would be the same as perhaps going out for a meal! One year with unlimited uploads! What’s holding you back!

Take a look at my photography portfolio website which of course is powered by SmugMug –

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