Beautiful Golden Cat

Photographing your Pet Tips and Tricks. Pet photography involves several aspects that are very similar to traditional studio portraits except one thing! Unlike us they simply wont pose for the camera and it’s not an easy task trying to capture your pet’s adorable personality.

You’ll need lots of patience especially if your pet is hyper active. Here are a few photographing your pet tips and tricks tips to getting that perfect pet photo.


Unless you want your pet to have red eyes always use natural lighting. Turn your flash off and if you’re indoors use the window for your light source. Either have your pet in front of you and your back to the window or position your pet using natural light on one side.

Bribe you Pet

What better way is there to get your pet’s attention than having a bag of treats handy. Whether it’s a cat, dog or even your goldfish hold some treats next to the lens for that candid shot.

Eye Contact

The eyes are important in any kind of portrait photography so focus on the eyes and get them nice and sharp. Using manual focus can provide additional flexibility when capturing eye color and detail.

Have Patience

As with macro shots you need to have loads of patience. Your pet may by hyperactive but as some point it will tire giving you a chance at that shot.

Carry a Whistle

No, we don’t want to deafen your furry little friends but a mild blow on a whistle could give you a great eye contact shot. Perhaps best used with your goldfish!

A Pet’s World

Get down to their level and try not to always shoot from above. See things from their world!