Minolta MC Rokkor SG 28mm f3.5 Review

Minolta MC Rokkor SG 28mm f3.5 Review. The Rokkor 28mm f3.5 is one of the cheapest Minolta lenses available today and can be bought for around USD 30.00. While waiting for my Zeiss Distagon 28mm 2/8 to arrive, I came across this 28mm Rokkor on eBay for a mere USD 19.00 so I bought it! A wide angle, legacy prime Rokkor lens for under 20 bucks!

As I already owned the Rokkor 50mm f1.4 and both used the same Minolta SR to Sony E mount adapter this would save spending even more money! Please read my review on this classic legacy lens!

When it arrived I was amazed at the quality for such an old lens and as expected with the Rokkor line, it was extremely well made. Because it’s made of metal this lens is a little heavy but felt fine on my Sony A7R II.

Minolta MC Rokkor SG 28mm f3.5 Image Quality

It’s reasonably sharp with slight vignette. This improves as you stop down and CA is very well controlled! This lens does flare when shooting directly into the sun.

Minolta MC Rokkor SG 28mm f3.5 Tech Specs.

MC W.Rokkor-SG 28mm 1:3.5
Focal length – 28mm
Speed – 1:3.5
Minimum focus distance – 0.6m
Optical design (elements/groups) – 7/7
Filter thread size – 67mm
Introduced – 1966
Weight 350g

As I always shoot RAW I post processed the images by adding a little more vibrancy, slight sharpening and a touch more contrast. I find the colours very close and pleasing to what I actually saw!

This Rokkor 28mm f3.5 lens is a little gem, built to old standards. If you’re on a budget and seeking a good 28mm, it’s a great start and I’m sure you’ll keep it!

I do not make reviews with testing charts as there are plenty of those around. I prefer to provide a short and sweet hands on review with some sample images. If you have a question or would like to share additional information please feel free to comment below.