Holdfast-MoneyMaker reviews

Holdfast MoneyMaker Harness review and 3 reasons to get one! Security, Comfort and Vanity! There’s nothing more uncomfortable or touristy than hanging a camera around your neck! Now add some weight and you’re going to take all the fun out of photography. You don’t need to own a large camera and zoom to use the MoneyMaker. My camera of choice is a Sony A7R and with the added solid brass lenses such as the Voigtlander 58mm 1.4 and Rokkor 50mm 1.4 it gets a little heavy! This is where the Holdfast MoneyMaker Camera Harness really shines!

Holdfast MoneyMaker Camera Harness Security

As a photographer, when you’re walking around with expensive camera gear, you need to know it is safe and secure! I was already used to straps screwed into the tripod mount at the base of my camera but was never really satisfied with either the BlackRapid or CarrySpeed. The BlackRapid seemed more secure but the carbuncle scratched the base of my Sony A77! This could have been my fault for not removing it after wearing! The CarrySpeed plate sometimes moved a little and I was always nervous about that balljoint! It appeared the socket that held the balljoint was slowly wearing down!

Holdfast MoneyMaker Camera Attachments

As soon as I unpacked the Money Maker the first thing I did was to install the Camera HoldFast (screw) into the tripod mount. As per instructions on Matthew’s website the more I screwed it in, the tighter it got! I could not ever see this coming loose and I also had the extra security of the split ring from the Safety Catch connecting to the left side lug of my camera. A modified sailboat clip (on the MoneyMaker Slider) attaches to the screw loop and this was also extremely well made. I read a few reviews saying it was tight but I don’t find this. After a little practice it was easy to release the camera with one hand and I cannot see this opening without me pulling the clip. I do however, find the left side lug clip a lot harder to put on or release but once again I am confident it will do what it was made for – to secure my camera!

Holdfast MoneyMaker Camera Harness Comfort

When I first wore this it wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. My MoneyMaker was the chestnut bridle and the leather straps at 1.25″ wide were a little stiff at first. The leather starts to break-in after a couple of days like any new pair of shoes and once you get used to it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one! You also have the added D rings which are great for placing your sunglasses into, or any other objects including a third camera! Do people still carry 3 cameras around!

Holdfast MoneyMaker Camera Harness Vanity

The Money Maker will help you look cool and improve your sex life! OK, it doesn’t improve your sex life but what it does do is create interest and yes, it really does look cool! This is a refreshing change from the typical black nylon straps and not forgetting that bridle leather will age beautifully.

Wearing the MoneyMaker will definitely stir memories from your childhood days! Some photographers felt it reminded them of old cowboy movies, and others James Bond. For me, I got this image of old war movies where you’d see generals wearing kaki uniforms with leather straps, gun holsters and thigh high, leather boots. And of course, who doesn’t love that smell of leather! OK I got a little carried away so let’s get off my leather-wear fetish and back on topic!

I’m a very shy person and find street photography the most difficult. I cannot point my camera at strangers without feeling a little uncomfortable. I now find people walking up to me and asking about the Holdfast MoneyMaker! This has given me more confidence as a photographer and a great icebreaker to get noticed, start a conversation and getting some extra shots!

Holdfast MoneyMaker Camera Harness Negative Points

I would suggest upsizing from whatever size you think you need! I am 5’7″ and not stocky so I ordered the ‘small’ size but found I’m on the last hole at the end of the strap and cannot loosen it any further! I should have gone bigger and my wife who is smaller than me also finds this harness a little tight!

I came across a couple of quick reviews saying how expensive the MoneyMaker is as it’s just made from a couple of belts! Really! They obviously never got their hands on one! It screams quality, and is very innovative in design. A lot of thought has gone into the creation and making of this beautiful camera strap (harness) and for me it’s worth every single dollar! I’m also going to get another one for my wife especially as she has her eyes on mine! Perhaps it’s the leather!

To summarize in short all I can say is that every time I put on the Holdfast MoneyMaker, I love it! It’s very comfortable, secures my equipment, will last for many years and dare I say it again, looks so damn cool!