Editorial Use Only

Editorial Use Only. All images licensed to TOP10px are for Editorial Use Only. This means that images purchases from TOP10px are used for non-commercial purposes.

Quite simply, any image you purchase from TOP10px can only be used as a reference in a magazine, newspaper, blog, website or non-commercial presentations.

All images which are Editorial on TOP10px cannot be used for promotional or advertising, products for re-sale e.g. posters, web themes, calendars, posters, and mugs etc.

Model Release Form – Any images with people must still have a model release form signed by the person in the image. However, these images may only be used for ‘Editorial Use’

Another example: You can use an image of a person/celebrity to illustrate an article about him or her, however, you cannot use the image to illustrate an article such as “He/she loves to drink Cola”.

Summary: Top10px images cannot be used to make money.