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Our creative photography courses will help you developing different techniques, and compositional ideas to inspire your photography. This is a fun and dynamic workshop where you’re encouraged to producing images in unusual ways while exploring your subjects.

Throughout the day we will inspire you to further expand your creative boundaries with a vast selection of exercises with a sample below.

Creative Photography Courses

One Spot Location
Shoot24 unique photographs while standing in the same place

24 Exposures Shoot
Create 24 unique photographs while standing in the same place

Roll of Film
Look and think before shooting, knowing you only have a finite amount of shots as with the older film days.

My Little Toy
Enhances framing and composition techniques by carrying a subject with you and placing it in every frame

The Selfie
Putting yourself into every photo in a meaningful and thoughtful way without the cheesy poses

Lucky Draw
Each photographers pulls out a piece of paper with a word or phrase which they then have to shoot

Our creative photography courses can also include fun restrictions such as: using a prime lens only, shooting in black and white only, shooting while sitting, filling the frame, only shooting things above or below you, between a set time and much more!

We also include a fun photo shoot workshop focused around the nine photographic elements: Light, Shape, Shadow, Texture, Form, Colour, Size, Depth, and Line. This is primarily a practical hands on course where we provide the tools to stir up your creativity!

Creative Photography Packages

Everything can be arranged for you including food, beverage and transportation giving you a trouble free photo shoot under our ever-present guidance.

Why not contact us today for more information or book this fun creative photography course!