Become a contributor and sell your photos on TOP10px. We believe you should get the highest rates for your creative works with TOP10px! Don’t leave your images sitting on your hard drive when they could be earning you a revenue!

All you need to do is simply register/sign up to become a member. This is a very quick process and did we forget to mention membership is FREE. Choose 3 of your very best images so we can evaluate and approve them. Upload size should be 1,800px. for the longest length.

Uploading to you Account

Step 1. Create New Image

Firstly, you need to add a featured image. This is the image that gets shown on TOP10px to buyers.

Please do not upload anything larger than 1800px and we recommend this size (and not smaller) for retina screens to beautifully showcase your images. If you use Photoshop quality save around 60. for fast loading!

Step 2. Image Title

Give a title to your image but don’t make it too long.

Step 3. Post Content

If you have a story behind you image why not tell it. Let visitors know a little background to your image as this will also help with your image ranking, in local search engines! You could also mention the size!

Step 4. Download Category

Choose a category for your image.

Step. 5 Image Cost

Name of Price Option – This is the title to your download file/image. I would recommend naming it the same as your image title but ad the dimension of the longest length at the end e.g. My Beautiful Image 1800px

This enables you to add a different sizes for the same image, and set a different prices! Our visitors can then see before deciding to purchase. However we recommend all images to be 1800px

Amount – Set the amount you would like to be paid for your image. Note we only deduct 30% from your chosen cost.

File URL – Simply click on the ‘Upload’ button and locate the file/image you wish to sell from your local hard drive. Wait while it uploads and click on ’Submit’

Add Tags – Add 5 tags only in lowercase most relevant to your photo and separated by commas e.g. girl,woman,model,fashion,trendy

Thats all you have to do and it couldn’t be easier. One of our team will then need to approve the image and your ready to sell.

Contributor Payout

Unlike many stock photography websites we truly believe that you should benefit from the sales and pay out 70% on each image. You also set your own price for each image you submit. That’s right – you set the prices not TOP10px.

Any TOP10px contributor may request payment as soon as your balance reaches $100.

Please read TOP10px contributor agreement and if you have any additional questions feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

As a contributor you must own the rights to all images you submit and subject to our Terms and Conditions. We do not require exclusivity for any of the images you upload. They belong to you!

So what are you waiting for – SIGN UP Today

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